Early signs of pregnancy to discover pregnancy from the first day

What are the signs of pregnancy in the first week?

 First we have to know an important point, which is that the pregnancy calculation starts from the first day of the last menstrual period that has come for you. Therefore, there is no pregnancy in the first two weeks that is because there was no ovulation yet and therefore fertilization did not occur; therefore there are no clear signs since the first week.


  • So when do I confirm pregnancy?

You should wait for the date of the menstrual cycle and when it is late for its due date, then you can confirm in several ways, which we will look at in this article.


_ What are the first signs of pregnancy after fertilization?

There are some symptoms that may appear and may be an early sign of pregnancy, such as:

* After fertilizing the egg for 6 to 12 days, it may bring down light blood drops as a result of implanting the fertilized egg into the endometrium

* Heavy and abundant white secretions due to the thickness of the vaginal wall  

Feeling tired, tired, and wanting to sleep a lot 

* Frequent urination, because when the levels of hormones change in the body, the blood flow to the kidneys increases, and thus increases the filling of the bladder and the desire to empty it. 

* The heaviness and swelling of the breasts and the change of color of the areola around the nipples, which are among the most prominent first signs of pregnancy 

* Frequent nausea, especially in the morning period, and a change in the appetite of a pregnant woman toward some foods, as a result of changing hormone levels in the body

* Change mood and may be accompanied by fierce nature

What are the steps taken when these symptoms appear?

First when the menstrual cycle is late and some signs of pregnancy appear, then you should do a home pregnancy test, which is a simple and easy procedure 

When a fertilized egg is implanted in the womb, the body produces a hormone (HCG) that helps implantation, fixation and growth of the fetus.

And when the ratio of the hormone increases to a sufficient level, it is excreted in the urine and thus can be detected by a home pregnancy test 


Then you should bring a pregnancy test and then:

Putting two or three drops on the urine section using a dropper located with the test, preferably in the early morning when the hormone level is high 

Wait a few minutes for the result to appear 

– The device consists of two windows; the control window written on it that informs the user if the test was done correctly or not, and the second window written on it (test) and indicates the presence of the pregnancy or not. Some devices may show the word (minus) and mean negative and there is no pregnancy, or (plus) and positive means the presence of pregnancy. There are devices if two lines appear, which means that there is a load, and if one line appears there is no load.


If the result is negative, this does not indicate that there is no pregnancy, but you can wait a week and then repeat the test again

Secondly, there is a pregnancy test by blood by going to a laboratory and withdrawing a blood sample and making sure of the pregnancy, and of course it is more accurate than the home test

Types of blood analysis for pregnancy:

Qualitative Blood Serum Test, this analysis gives a result: either negative, or positive for the occurrence of pregnancy without any digital detail, it reveals the presence of the pregnancy hormone in the blood or not, and thus in the case of wanting to know the occurrence of pregnancy or Qualitative blood testing is not a good option for this. 

Quantitative Blood Serum Test, which is a very accurate examination that measures the amount of pregnancy hormone in the blood accurately, and gives a digital result that helps determine the age of pregnancy, and know whether the pregnancy is going normally, and in the event of pregnancy, the levels of the hormone double every After a few days, it reaches its climax after ten weeks of pregnancy and then stabilizes its levels, or begins to decrease. The levels of the hormone during pregnancy range from 20 thousand -200 thousand IU / liter, and if its levels do not change or double as expected, then this may indicate That the pregnancy has been lost.



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