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Diagnosis and treatment of genital tract tumors - uterine tumor treatment - gestational diabetes and blood pressure follow up - gynaecological endoscopy - vaginal ultrasonography - cosmetic and laser therapy - IVF pregnancy follow-up - treatment of recurrent IVF failure - infertility treatment for both spouses – IVF - Birth without pain - doppler ultrasound in high risk pregnancy follow up - latest family planning methods

4 Tut Ankh Amoun St., Semouha, Alexandria.


Specialist of gynecology, obstetrics, infertility, ICSI & IVF. Member of ASRM & ESHRE. Consultant at the City Fertility & ICSI Center. Services include: IMSI, PGD, IUI, Laser uterine embryo implantation LAH return embryos in the fifth & sixth day.

34 El Ammar Style Bldg., Tout Ankh Amoun St., Floor 2, Semouha, Alexandria.

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