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Physical medicine and rehabilitation

El Lebbiny St., El Mariouteya, Faisal, Giza.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation

155 El Thalathiny St., El Talbeya, El haram, Giza.

Nutritionists & Dietitians

11 Nady El Seid St., Floor 1 Flat 102, Mohandeseen, Giza.

18 El Shaheed Ahmed Hamdy St. 2nd Neighbourhood, 1St District, El Sheikh Zayed, 6th of october, Giza.

Plastic surgery

92 El Tahrir St., Floor 8, Dokki, Giza.

102 Sudan St., Mohandeseen, Giza.

Phase 4, 1St Neighbourhood, Floor 1, 7th District, 6th of october, Giza.

11 El Gazaer St. Aswan Sq., Mohandeseen, Giza.

59 Abdel Moneim Riad St., Mohandeseen, Giza.

Villa 111, , Diplomatics District, El Sheikh Zayed, 6th of october, Giza.

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