Inflammation of the breast tissue:

Mastitis in women ( Inflammation of the breast tissue in women,Inflammation of the breast,Inflammation of breast tissue )

Mastitis is inflammation breast tissue in women but can also occur in men. It is often caused by infection due to an obstruction in the milk ducts or a bacterial infection. Breast-feeding women are at higher risk. Treatment includes antibiotics and pain relievers. If an abscess occurs it needs to be removed surgically.

Full Description

Mastitis is inflammation of the mammary gland and often caused by a bacterial infection in one breast. It occurs predominantly after giving birth but can also occur independently of lactation in which case further investigation is needed.


Fever, Lump in the breast, Swollen glands in the armpit

Medical Conditions

Causes of mastitis include: 1) Blocked milk ducts and 2) Bacterial infection which can occur if there is damage to the skin of the nipple or opening of the milk duct. Women who are breast-feeding, who have sores on their nipples and woman who wear tight bras are at a higher risk of getting mastitis. The common symptoms may be breast tenderness on one side, swelling of the breast, feeling pain during breast-feeding, skin redness, feeling ill and fever.


Treatment for mastitis include antibiotics to treat bacterial infection and pain killers to relieve symptoms. Usually breast-feeding doesn’t need to be stopped. If there has been a formation of an abscess it needs to be removed surgically. If the inflammation occurs without breastfeeding, further investigation is needed to exclude a malignant process.