Long-sightedness due to old age:

Presbyopia ( Long-sightedness in the elderly,Difficulties to see near objects due to old age )

Presbyopia is a type of farsightedness that develops with age. It is not a disease, but rather a natural sign of advanced age that is related to the interruption of proper functioning of the eye’s lens.

Full Description

Presbyopia is a decline in the sharpness of nearby objects as perceived by the eye in advanced age. It is not a disease and occurs in all people as a sign of age. It begins in youth and is noticeable around age 45.


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Medical Conditions

The decline in clarity of vision of things nearby is noticed predominantly while reading. Reading material must be held farther and farther from the eye in order to keep the text clear and legible. The reason for presbyopia is the increasing rigidity of the lens, which in younger years allows us to see things clearly at a distance from about 10 cm. This distance increases up to 4m with age due to the lack of flexibility in the lens if left uncorrected.


Correcting presbyopia is simple and involves magnifying lenses, no matter what your previous or current prescription for corrective lenses is. Presbyopia requires additional corrective measures for close proximities (so-called near-addition in plus dioptres). Those will be chosen as small as possible, but will increase with age.