Nail growth disorder:

Nail growth dysfunction ( )

Nail growth dysfunction describes a condition caused by an injury or disease in the nail, and may prevent the nail’s normal growth. There are a number of possible causes. When in doubt, a doctor should be consulted for a proper diagnosis.

Full Description

There are many different kinds of nail growth dysfunctions, for example, ingrown toenails, dystrophies, deformities and infections of nails. Infection of nails is a common nail growth dysfunction, which can happen to every part of the nail. And sometimes the infections can even change the appearance of the nails.


Pallor, Hair loss, Drowsiness, Dizziness, Shortness of breath, Burning in the throat, Cold feet, Chest pain, Cold hands, Brittleness of nails, Mouth ulcers, Tongue burning, Agitation, Feeling faint, Reduced appetite, Missed period, Menstruation disorder, Joylessness, Impairment of male potency, Tiredness, Moist and softened skin, Dry skin, Mood swings, Difficulty to concentrate, Weight gain, Sensitivity to cold, Hair loss, Less than 3 defecations per week, Hoarseness, Pallor, Muscle pain, Brittleness of nails, Numbness in the arm, Tiredness, Pallor, Disorientation regarding time or place, Tongue burning, Pain in the bones, Tiredness, Bone fracture, Pain in the limbs, Curvature of the spine, Tears, Eyelids sticking together, Face pain, Eye blinking, Abdominal pain, Flatulence, Diarrhea, Nausea, Foul smelling defecation, Bloated feeling in the stomach, Distended abdomen, Paralysis, Muscular weakness in the arm, Muscular weakness in the leg, Skin nodules, Itching of skin, Hair loss, Changes in the nails, Skin redness, Blue colored skin, Abdominal pain, Diarrhea, Fever, Pain in the limbs, Headache, Neck stiffness, Nausea, Shortness of breath, Fever, Lockjaw, Cramps, Muscle stiffness, Sweating, Vision impairment for near objects, Vision impairment, Abdominal pain, Diarrhea, Increased thirst, Pain of the anus, Back pain, Lower-back pain, Limited mobility of the back, Shortness of breath, Bloody cough, Cough, Chest pain, Shortness of breath, Chest pain, Chest tightness, Cough, Back pain, Breathing-related pains, Palpitations, Bold area among hair on the head, Joint pain, Oversensitivity to light, Shortness of breath, Skin rash, Skin redness, Tiredness, Weight loss, Swollen glands in the armpit, Swollen glands in the groin, Fever, Swollen glands in the neck, Sadness, Mood swings, Mouth ulcers, Joylessness, Itching of skin, Hair loss, Scar, Skin redness, Pain in the limbs, Joint pain, Skin rash, Headache, Tiredness, Paralysis, Fever, Neck stiffness, Blue colored skin, Diarrhea, Fever, Weight loss, Skin rash, Swollen glands in the neck, Swollen glands in the armpit, Swollen glands in the groin, Tiredness, Sweating, Night sweats, Leg swelling, Arm swelling, Limited mobility of the leg, Hand pain, Vision impairment, Vision impairment for near objects, Pain in the bones, Back pain, Fever, Weight loss, Sweating, Arm swelling, Joint pain, Bone fracture, Leg swelling, Dark urine, Urge to urinate, Frequent urination, Urination during the night, Dribbling after urination, Painful urination, Decreased urine stream, Delayed start to urination, Impairment of male potency, Pain in the bones, Abdominal pain, Blue spot on skin, Pallor, Dark urine, Fever, Chills, Cough, Abdominal pain, Sweating, Blackening of vision, Disorientation regarding time or place, Yellow colored skin, Shortness of breath, Burning eyes, Burning in the throat, Cough, Eye redness, Fever, Itching eyes, Pain in the limbs, Runny nose, Skin rash, Sore throat, Swollen glands in the armpit, Swollen glands in the groin, Swollen glands in the neck, Tiredness, Oversensitivity to light, Facial swelling, Flaking skin, Pallor, Yellow colored skin, Yellowish discoloration of the white part of the eye, Visual field loss, Facial paralysis, Impaired balance, Headache, Paralysis, Tiredness, Eye pain, Mood swings, Aggressiveness, Vision impairment, Increased drive, Sleeplessness, Difficulty to concentrate, Mood swings, Agitation, Aggressiveness, Feeling of pressure in the ear, Fever, Impaired hearing, Facial paralysis, Face pain, Headache, Swollen glands in the neck, Earache, Reduced appetite, Cough, Runny nose, Tiredness, Pain in the limbs, Shortness of breath, Chest pain, Chest tightness, Cough, Night cough, Feeling faint, Heart murmur, Palpitations, Blue colored skin, Irregular mole, Scar, Skin nodules, Skin thickening, Nausea, Vomiting, Dizziness, Muscle pain, Pain in the calves, Tremor on movement, Limited mobility of the leg, Physical inactivity, Joint instability, Muscle weakness, Muscular weakness in the arm, Muscular weakness in the leg, Difficulty in swallowing, Drooping eyelid, Muscular weakness in the arm, Muscular weakness in the leg, Changes in the nails

Medical Conditions

Causes of nail dysfunction are many, for example: 1) infections by viruses (warts), fungi and bacteria (paronychia and the green nail syndrome), 2) injuries, 3) lung diseases that cause nail clubbing or the yellow nail syndrome, 4) structural problems such as ingrown toenails, 5) birth deformities such as pachyonychia congenita, 6) drugs, 7) tumors of the nails, 8) with aging, the nails become drier, flat and brittle. Sometimes they have a concave instead of a convex form. They can develop ridges along nails’ length and the color can change to yellow or grey.


Treatments of nail growth dysfunction must depend on the cause and a doctor’s diagnosis. The affected person should consult a doctor whenever he has concerns about his nails. But keeping the nails clean, dry and trimmed can help to avoid many nail problems.