Menstruation symptoms are not symptoms of pregnancy

 There are many common symptoms between pregnancy and premenstrual symptoms, which calls for some concern for some women.

But the real difference between them is the time period, the symptoms of the menstrual cycle appear within a week to ten days before the scheduled date and gradually begin to improve; the symptoms of pregnancy continue for a longer period of time.

Here are the most common points between pregnancy symptoms and menstruation:

1- Breast pain

2- Feeling tired and tired

3- Colic

4- Abdominal pain and cramps

Breast pain:

– In case of pregnancy, the pain is increased due to the increase in the hormone progesterone and a change in the color of the areola around the nipple.

In the case of menstruation, the pain gradually decreases due to a decrease in the hormone progesterone.

Feeling tired and tired

– In the case of pregnancy, it becomes clear that the joint and bone problems begin, as well as a strong desire to sleep.

– In the case of the menstrual cycle, there is some fatigue, tiredness and soreness of the joints that differ from one woman to another, but not with severe pain in the case of pregnancy.


– In case of pregnancy, it is more severe and may cause nausea.

– In the case of the menstrual cycle is less severe and is during the menstrual cycle and not before.

Abdominal pain and cramps:

– In the case of pregnancy, a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen and back areas accompanied by nausea, especially in the morning.

– In the case of the menstrual cycle, a feeling of contractions in the lower abdomen a few days before the session, and then disappear and not accompanied by nausea.

In the foregoing we mentioned the difference between the common points of pregnancy and the menstrual cycle .. Next we will mention the difference points between them .. These are signs that appear in one of them and do not appear in the other:

– The emergence of acne days before the date of the menstrual cycle and that in many women as it is considered a clear sign of the approaching date.

A feeling of bloating and swelling days before the menstrual period, when the body tends to store water, and this appears as tight pants or a bra.

Muscular tension, which appears during pregnancy and is one of the most prominent signs of pregnancy, especially at bedtime.

Change in the color and tanning of some pregnant women, called melasma.

Frequent urination, which is also a distinctive sign of pregnancy, especially during sleep.


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