Natural or cesarean delivery? Can you choose by yourself?

In the beginning, you should know that what is best for you is what the doctor determines according to your condition and the condition of the fetus .. If your health condition is stable and you do not suffer from some diseases, as well as the condition of the fetus is stable and there is no obstacle to normal delivery here the doctor waits until labor begins.

But if there are health problems for you or the fetus here, the doctor determines the appropriate time for a caesarean section in order to preserve your life and that of the child.

We will list everything related to natural and cesarean delivery and the advantages and disadvantages of each:


First, natural delivery :

Natural birth since ancient times is considered the safest method .. It occurs without surgical intervention where labor begins and childbirth begins .. But it is possible to intervene by slitting the perineum to expand the opening of the vagina to facilitate the exit of the fetus and is subsequently treated with some stitches after birth.


Advantages of natural childbirth :

The recovery period for the mother is faster than a cesarean delivery, as the mother can leave the hospital after childbirth or after a short period.

The infection rate of the fetal respiratory system is lower.

The body is less likely to be infected by surgical instruments because it is used only in a few cases.


Disadvantages of natural childbirth :

– As a result of normal childbirth, weakness and weakness may occur in the pelvic and vaginal area, which may lead to lack of enjoyment during the intimate relationship, but this matter may disappear after a special period after practicing some special exercises in this case and are called Kegel exercises.

Labor pain is one of the most difficult pain women can feel.


When to resort to caesarean section without natural?

In the event of a large head fetus.

– If a woman suffers from heart disease, which may put her at risk during the mother’s natural birth and labor.

– In the case of the fallen placenta, in this position the placenta is at the bottom towards the pelvis and thus hinders the descent of the fetus’s head during birth.

– In the event that the pelvis is narrow and not suitable for the size of the fetal head.

– If the mother has an infection in the vagina, such as genital herpes or the human papilloma virus, which may lead to the transmission of the infection to the fetus during childbirth.

– In some cases, twins.

– In the case of the wrong position of the fetus and not head down to the pelvis.

– In some cases, the woman is unable to complete the normal delivery, so the doctor will resort to caesarean section, such as:

(The umbilical cord contract and wrap around the fetus – early placenta separation – not having enough contractions in the uterus leading to no dilatation of the cervix)

Secondly, caesarean section:

Recently, women resort to a caesarean section without waiting for a natural birth .. Also, some doctors resort to a caesarean section without an effective reason for waiting for a normal delivery.

Advantages of a c-section:

There is no sagging or widening of the vaginal area, as in a natural birth.

– The date of birth is fixed, so the mother prepares for this day without any pressure or surprises.


Disadvantages of cesarean delivery:

– Infection as a result of the use of non – sterile surgical instruments it is possible to infect the mother and cause infections after birth.

It is possible for the doctor to rush to set the date of birth, and the fetus will go out of life before the lung development is complete, causing respiratory disorders.

– Inflammation of the wound if it is not taken care of well in the days following surgery, so care must be taken to cleanse and clean the wound in the first days after birth.

Bleeding: Anemia can occur as a result of losing a lot of blood, so anemia must be treated before birth.

Anesthesia: Anesthesia can cause a headache several days after birth.

Clots occur in the leg if walking is not done shortly after birth, as a result of sitting in bed frequently, so doctors, with the help of the mother, are encouraged to walk and move a few hours after birth.

Unlike a normal birth, the mother cannot leave the hospital after the birth, and you can wait a day or more.

The possibility of uterine problems occurring if a pregnancy occurs shortly after a cesarean delivery, so a sufficient period must be waited between each pregnancy.

– The mother needs to rest for a long period after birth, which may reach 3 weeks, to practice her life normally and she must not carry heavy things or exercise strenuous exercise.

Severe pain in the lower abdomen and an inability to move normally for up to two weeks.


However, as we mentioned before each woman, her condition differs from the other, and according to the medical evaluation of the condition of the mother and the fetus and what suits both of them, the method of delivery is determined.




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